Harvesting is a mechanic in The Long Dark. You can harvest any wood, cardboard, or cloth item by selecting it, choosing your tool, and selecting "Break Down". No items with containers in them, however, can be harvested.

Harvestable Items:

Object Yield Time Tool Required
Bench 4 × Reclaimed wood 45 min Hatchet
Broken Metal Door 2 × Scrap metal 45 min Hacksaw
Chair w/o pillow 3 × Reclaimed wood 30 min Hatchet  
Chair w pillow 3 × Reclaimed wood
2 × Cloth
36 min
Crate, large 6 × Reclaimed wood 18 min
Crate, small 4 × Reclaimed wood 12 min
Curtains, long 3 × Cloth 6 min
Curtains, short 2 × Cloth 4 min
Pillow 2 × Cloth 6 min
Planks 6 × Reclaimed wood 30 min Hatchet
Shelf, metal 6 × scrap metal 2 h 15 min Hacksaw
Shelf, wide, short 6 × Reclaimed wood
1 × Tinder plug
1 h 30 min Hatchet
Table, large 8 × Reclaimed wood
1 × Tinder plug
1 h 30 min

Game HistoryEdit

Harvesting of stationary objects in larger scale has been introduced on August 1, 2015 in version 0.256.

Stationary Interactable Objects
Harvestable BenchBroken metal bed frameBroken metal doorCardboardChairCrateMetal shelfMetal tableOld bedrollPlanksShelfTable
Solid CarFile cabinetFire barrelFirst aid kitFrozen corpseFurnaceLockerMetal containerSafeTractorTruckWork bench

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