Happy Harvester
Happy Harvester
Description Harvested 25 of each kind of plant (single game)[1]
% of players who have earned it 0.8%

Happy Harvester is an achievement in The Long Dark.

Guide Edit

This achievement is obtained after harvesting twenty-five cat tail plants, rose hip bushes, reishi mushrooms and old man's beard lichens in a single Sandbox game.

Note: That is twenty-five harvest actions of each type. Rose hip bushes currently yield exactly eight rose hips per plant, so a total of twenty-five harvests would yield 200 rose hips total. Mushrooms and lichens count individually since they are individual actions, even though they may grow on the same stump or tree. The game has no counter anywhere of how far along this achievement the player is.

See the individual pages for where to look for these plants.[1]

Game history Edit

This achievement was introduced on 1 April 2015 in version 0.212.

Note Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Mushrooms and lichens are not technically plants but fungi and cyanobacterium respectively.
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Up-to-date as of version 0.301.

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