Weight 1.00 kg
Harvest 2 × Scrap metal
Repair Simple tools or Quality tools
1 × scrap metal
Gives 25% condition
Heavy-duty saw made to cut through metal.
In-game description

A Hacksaw can be used to break down metal shelves and other metallic items to get scrap metal and harvest corpses for meat, hide or gut. It must be used to open cargo containers on Timberwolf Mountain, and it can be used instead of a hatchet to cut small tree limbs (a hatchet must be used for the largest limbs) and saplings. It cannot be used as a weapon in struggles.

Spawn pointsEdit

As with other items, the hacksaw will randomly spawn in different locations on different play-throughs.

Some observed spawn points include:

Craftable Fishing tackleImprovised hatchetImprovised knifeHookLineSnareSurvival bowTorch
Non-craftable AccelerantBolt cuttersCan openerCardboard matchesDistress pistolFirestrikerFlareFlashlightHacksawHatchetHeavy hammerHunting knifeHunting rifleMagnifying lensMountaineering ropePrybarQuality toolsRifle cleaning kitSewing kitSimple toolsStoneStorm lanternWhetstoneWood matches

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