The Long Dark is a harsh place. If you've got the tenacity, however, you can make your way to a forge, which can be of a huge benefit. Forging is a lengthy and strenuous process, so it can be worthwhile to take along extra food. You can melt water and cook food in the furnace.

The Furnace & Forges Edit

Forges are considered critical locations in The Long Dark, as they are the only places in the game where you can craft arrowheads and create improvised tools. Furnaces are unique in that they are the only fire boxes capable of exceeding 80°C in temperature. Currently, the only two furnaces/forges are located on The Riken in Desolation Point and at the Old Spence Family Homestead in Forlorn Muskeg.



Working temperatureEdit

In order to access the forge, the player must bring an active fire in the furnace to a temperature above 150° Celsius (302° Fahrenheit). This is only achievable through adding coal to the fire as it is the only fuel that burns hotter than 80°C.

  • Using a lot of wood fuels to start a fire can serve to minimize the amount of coal required to reach working temperature.

Burn timeEdit

The furnace burn time is capped at 12 hours like all other fires. However, coal can continue to be added even when it is capped for purpose of increasing the temperature only, up to the maximum 200°C.

  • Once the furnace fire burns out, the forge will not be usable until a new fire achieves working temperature again.

Forge Crafting Edit

All crafting in the forge requires a heavy hammer as a tool. Additionally, all recipes require scrap metal. The specific items that can be crafted, and their respective requirements, can be found below.

Item Materials Required Time Required
Arrowhead x2 1x Scrap metal 1 Hour
Improvised hatchet 5x Scrap metal, 1x Cloth 4 Hours
Improvised knife 3x Scrap metal, 1x Cloth 3 Hours
Screen (-1, 4, -18) 8b85d96a-957e-4c52-a687-c18d46e560f7

Forging Interface

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