The Riken - furnace room

The Riken, furnace room.

furnace and forge are required for forging items from metal.

Overview Edit

The furnace/forge combination is required for forging: a method for producing arrowheads, improvised knives, and improvised hatchets.

Furnace Edit

The furnace is located on the bottom of the object and looks like a standard stove door. It functions as every other Fire except that in addition its maximum temperature has been extended to 200°C. Note however that temperatures above 100°C are only obtainable using Coal for fuel.

Forge Edit

The forge is a small rectangle located above the furnace and carries the same temperature as the furnace. When the forge is 150°C or greater, forging can be conducted there via a similar interface to that of the Work bench.

  • It is advisable to study the forge recipes (available in wiki) before activating the forge (getting it up to temperature) if one wishes to begin crafting right away lest one find oneself missing critical ingredients.

Location Edit

There are two available for use; one at The Riken in Desolation Point and one at Old Spence Family Homestead in the new region, Forlorn Muskeg.

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