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Forestry Lookout is a tall, wooden structure found in Mystery Lake.

Overview Edit

The forestry lookout sits on a hill to the north-east of the Unnamed Pond and south of clear cut. It is difficult to access, and it may take half of a day looting the place.

It contains bunk beds, wood stove, a radio, food, and a hunting rifle, hatchet, and/or prybar can spawn here. There is a frozen corpse outside.

It does not load the interior when you enter the building. Instead, the door swings inside so you can get in. Do not forget to close the door again when you enter.

The interior is warm enough to keep you from freezing during daytime, but temperature may drop below zero during nighttime or blizzards. The lookout is reached from clear cut by following the sign up the mountain trail.

Safehouse Edit

The forestry lookout does not make an ideal base, as it is especially cold when exiting due to the high altitude. This means that by the time you reach the bottom of the path you may be cold already. There is a wood stove inside to provide warmth and cook food. The long trek down the mountain and back up again means any trip is time consuming. However, you can climb down the cliff on the side of the building. There are only five or so nearby buildings to be searched, so if you have searched these a very long trek must be made to gain additional supplies. Wolves patrol the clear cut area, so this can be a drain on flares or ammunition as it is too long to get back into the interior if one charges. Both the Camp Office and the Trapper's Homestead make more adequate bases.

Possible loot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Forestry Lookout is a 'Fire Lookout Tower'; built all over America and parts of Canada in the early 1900s.


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