The Forest Talkers are a group of activists mentioned in the Story Mode of The Long Dark. They play an small but pivotal role in Episode 2. They are also described as 'eco-terrorists'.

History Edit

The Forest Talkers were formed by several natives of Great Bear Island to fight against the mass industrialization and the reaping of their island's natural resources by "outsiders." They claimed to be environmentalists, and some residents did not have a problem with them. Others, such as Breyerhouse and the owners of the Carter Hydro Dam regarded them as terrorists. Notes from disgruntled members reveal that the group was largely ragtag and disorganized. The full extent of their actions and crimes is unknown, but it is implied that they regularly engaged in violence and destruction of property toward industrial sites and workers on the island. Their headquarters was in the Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad.

Some of their focus is on the activities of Breyerhouse - a company allegedly carrying out illegal logging of old growth in the vicinity of Mystery Lake.[1]

Events of The Long Dark Edit

Only one confirmed member of the Forest Talkers is seen in The Long Dark; his corpse is discovered by Will McKenzie in the main building of the Maintenance Yard in Broken Railroad. After repairing Jeremiah's rifle, Will makes his way toward the headquarters of the Forest Talkers, encountering the aurora for the second time since the First Flare. He reaches the Hunting Lodge only to find it abandoned but discovers a flashlight and hunting rifle that he takes before heading back to Mystery Lake.

At least one living member of the Forest Talkers may be encountered indirectly locked inside a cabin off Mystery Lake as part of the side quest 'Lake Gunshots' (obtainable after earning enough Trust with Jeremiah to ask him about the Forest Talkers). Another suspected member can be found dead a few meters away from the cabin.

References Edit

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