Something you ate has made you very sick. You will weaken until you treat it, it passes, or you die.
In-game description

Food poisoning is a negative affliction that is contracted by eating food with a poor condition.


Food poisoning can be randomly assigned at any time when a food or drink item is consumed. Uncooked meat and lower condition foods are at the highest risk, while good quality canned or processed foods, except for dog food, are some of the safest consumables. Soda cans and all other beverages will never cause food poisoning, although unsafe water can cause dysentery. Furthermore, items with a displayed condition of at least 75% will also never cause food poisoning. There are also several food items that are completely safe until their condition goes below 20%, these items being: beef jerky, pork and beans, condensed milk, salty crackers, energy bars, MREs, pinnacle peaches, and tomato soup. Eating meat or fish, that was cooked while having a cooking skill of level 5 will also never cause food poisoning, regardless of the condition of the food. This does not include food that has been warmed up.

Condition LossEdit

Suffering from food poisoning can kill the player by severely weakening them if left untreated. While in effect, condition will not be restored (except by emergency stims) and will drop by 90% over the course of the day,(equaling 5% per hour) regardless of the starting condition and other condition loss incurred.

Although sleep will not restore condition, it will counter condition loss. If the time spend sleeping is greater than or equal to the recovery time, no condition will be lost during sleep due to the poisoning. If the disease passes during sleep, the player will immediately begin recovering condition again.

Multiple InstancesEdit

Food poisonings can be stacked, each one requiring its treatment. Only one poisoning will be shown in the first aid menu. If multiple poisonings are contracted, the next one will be shown after the first Affliction passed. The condition loss also stacks, meaning that two instances would result in 180% condition loss over 18 hours. This can be extremely dangerous. While the first food poisoning is treated with 10 hours of sleep, the second poisoning will keep decreasing your condition. If two or more poisonings are contracted while the player is at less than 50% condition, survival is impossible.


  • Treatment for food poisoning requires using either two antibiotics or one cup of reishi tea in the first aid menu, followed by resting for 10 cumulative hours.
  • If left untreated, food poisoning will automatically pass 18 hours after infliction. This clock is not visible.
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