Food Poisoning is an affliction in The Long Dark.

General InformationEdit

It is contracted by consuming unsafe food or drinks. Food poisoning is possible while consuming processed and cooked food, although the chance for it is very small. Consuming raw meat and untreated water can cause food poisoning at much greater chances.

Food poisoning drains the player's condition very quickly resulting in quickly raising fatigue and reduced carrying capacity.


Food poisoning is treated with antibiotics and requires a dose of two pills. The antibiotics will prevent further condition drain while sleeping. After 10 hours of sleep the food poisoning will be over, however the condition will still remain low and has to be restored with additional rest.

Reishi Tea serves the same purpose as 2 x Antibiotics; to cure Food Poisoning.

Food poisoning can also be cured without antibiotics. In this case the condition will drop about 10% per hour during sleep until it reaches 15%. Further sleeping will eventually end the food poisoning. The condition of the player will still need to be restored after this.

It is important to remain warm, hydrated and fed while recovering from the illness to prevent further loss of condition. Sleeping should occur in short intervals to notice problems early. Sleeping in a bed inside a building is highly recommended. Physical activities should be reduced to a minimum.

Quotes Edit

Oh what a way to die...I just want to die
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