Item Type Tool
Weight 1.00 kg
Harvest 1 × Scrap metal
Repair 1 × Scrap metal
Banged up flashlight.
In-game description

The Flashlight is an item that was added in the official launch of The Long Dark. It is available in both Story Mode and Sandbox Mode.

Overview Edit

The flashlight is a battery powered item that can be used as a light source and a temporary defense against hostile wildlife. The flashlight will only work when the Aurorae are present in the sky. Right-clicking the mouse while holding an active flashlight will produce a very bright and powerful "high beam" of light. This can be used to scare off wolves. Using the "high beam" function will drain the flashlight's battery very fast, however. The battery is rechargeable, but it can take a long time to recharge when fully drained.

The flashlight is best used as an alternative light source during Aurorae periods, as well as an emergency defense against aggressive wildlife.

Gallery Edit

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