Flare Shell
Flare shell
Item Type Other
Weight 0.05Kg
An emergency beacon fired from a Distress Pistol.
In-game description

Flare shells are non-craftable ammunition items.

Overview Edit

Flare shells are the ammunition for the distress pistol. When fired they glow brightly for 15 game minutes and travel whole in an arching path until they contact a solid surface. After coming to rest, they remain in the environment indefinitely but cannot be further interacted with. While the burning round does look like a flare, it does not give off any heat and cannot be used to light a fire.

They are always found in 100% condition and stack in the inventory.

Locating Edit

Always found packaged with the distress pistol, they are also sometimes discovered inside Toolbox drawers or on Corpses or perhaps inside Lockers. The medical version of the prepper cache always contains some if that can be found.

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