Fishing hut outside

A fishing hut on Coastal Highway.

Fishermen have already pulled their fishing huts out onto the ice where the fish are. Take advantage of their knowledge and efforts to make an easy catch. Fishing requires only some basic gear and a bit of time. Luck helps, too.

Locations and fish Edit

Region Location Water type Possible fish
Mystery Lake Mystery Lake Fresh water Lake whitefish
Smallmouth Bass
Coastal Highway all across the frozen harbour Salt water Rainbow trout
Coho salmon
Pleasant Valley Pensive Pond Fresh water Lake whitefish
Smallmouth Bass
Desolation Point None Salt water No fishing available
Timberwolf Mountain Crystal Lake Fresh Water Lake whitefish
Smallmouth Bass
Forlorn Muskeg None Fresh Water No fishing available
Broken Railroad None Fresh Water No fishing available
Mountain Town N/A N/A Unknown as of yet.

Ice fishing hole Edit

Each hut has a hole pre-drilled immediately inside its door to the left. The hole will freeze over and so has to be re-opened each time you return to fish. Clearing the hole takes time and requires a tool (see ice breaker below). Selecting the frozen hole will bring up a work interface to clear it. Selecting a cleared hole brings up the fishing interface. A cleared hole will slowly refreeze if left alone regardless of temperature.

Fishing interface Edit

Selecting a cleared fishing hole will bring up the fishing interface. Use arrows to select a number of hours to fish, up to twelve. Random fish will be randomly caught for the duration.

Success Edit

As fish are caught, they will pop up as selected items, displaying their type and weight and pausing the session. Take or release(drop) the fish and fishing again resumes. There is also always a chance your line may break, ending the fishing session. This chance may be connected to your tiredness level (unconfirmed). Fishing sessions may also be ended manually. A new session can be started by clicking on the cleared hole again.

  • Each session is treated individually, so longer sessions will typically catch more fish than two or more shorter sessions.
    • EXAMPLE: Say you the hole you are on is producing one fish per hour on average with a 20 minute variance. If you only fished for one hour, you may or may not catch a fish depending on that variance. Then if you fished for another hour you also may or may not catch a fish. But by fishing for two hours you're going to get at least one fish at that rate and could possibly catch even three.
  • Catch rates are variable and seem to depend on how many fish you have recently caught on that map, how old your game is, experience, and game mode but not time of day, weather, or which hole on the map is used.
  • Larger species are caught at roughly a 1:3 ratio to smaller species.

Skill Edit

Each fish caught increases Ice Fishing Skill by one point. Skill can also be increased through book reading. See Skills for details.

Items required Edit

  • Note: Bait does not exist. No bait is used in fishing in The Long Dark.

Fishing tackleEdit

Line with hook to catch fish. Fishing tackle can be found or is crafted from Hook and Line. Tackle does not degrade from fishing but does have a chance to break. Chance to break does not seems to increase for low condition tackle.

  • Bringing multiple tackle is wise if one does not wish to have a fishing session cut short by broken lines.

Ice breakerEdit

Any tool able to open the ice hole. Prybars, hatchets, knives, hammers and improvised tools are all acceptable ice breakers (no saw). Bladed tools take more damage than blunt but hatchets cut twice as fast as all other implements.

Optional Edit

All fishing huts are equipped with a pot bellied stove. It can be beneficial to bring fire supplies out onto the ice to help stay warm while waiting for a nibble. Also useful for immediately cooking caught fish, if desired.

Open waterEdit

No fishing is allowed in the open water areas, though occasionally, fish will be found washed up on the shores of both Desolation Point and Coastal Highway as part of beachcombing.

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