"There are many ways to die in the wilderness. Medical treatements -- man-made or harvested from the natural world -- will save your life. Use the Status screen to check on your health. Apply a Treatment using the First Aid Radial menu. You can also use Treatments from your Pack menu"
— In-game description

First Aid is a game mechanic in The Long Dark.

Overview Edit

Actively managing one's health is critical for survival. Many afflictions in the game require medical intervention to remove. The variety of available treatments in The Long Dark range from different bandages to stop bleeding all the way to pharmaceuticals and natural remedies to control infections and pain or simply bed-rest.

First aid interface Edit

Administering first aid is done primarily using the first aid interface, accessible either through the Radial Menu or by pressing the 'First Aid' key ('F' by default). 

  • While at one point, consuming first aid items from the inventory would cause them to do nothing, it now brings up a menu with your current afflictions where you can try the treatment on them. Using the wrong treatment on the wrong affliction, however, will still waste the item, so it is still possible to mess up if the player is careless and/or panicking.
  • Current afflictions are listed and selectable on the left of the screen. It is possible to have multiple instances of similar afflictions. Each must be treated individually.
  • Treatment options appear and are activated to the right. Many afflictions will offer two different possible treatments, regardless treatments are only selectable when the necessary materials are in inventory. Some afflictions have no treatment.
  • Many afflictions also require a resting or waiting period to completely cure, listed near the bottom. Hours will tick off as they are completed.
  • Afflictions disappear when they are cured. Some afflictions will disappear without treatment once sufficient time has passed.
  • Beneficial afflictions also appear but in green. They aren't treatable and will disappear when they no longer apply.

Afflictions Edit

For more detailed information on the various treatments and injuries, see Afflictions.

First aid
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