Weight 0.10 kg
Harvest n/a
Repair n/a
Metal tool designed to help start fires in the wilderness.
In-game description

The Firestriker is a tool for lighting fires.

Overview Edit

Powerful, re-useable fire starter, this tool increases the probability of lighting a fire by 15%.

Discovered in random states of condition, it can be used many times as each use only drains 2% condition. Does not deteriorate over time when stored like matches so can be stored indefinitely.

Available to light torches directly.

Location Edit

Common spawn inside specific Cargo containers on Timberwolf Mountain that also contain lantern fuel and inside Quonset Gas Station and the radio control building at Signal Hill.

Occasional spawns: Rarely spawns on shelves or tables in place of more common lantern fuel. Rare discovery while searching large toolbox drawers. Found in one of the randomly occurring Prepper caches that is dedicated to fire and fire starting implements.

Tips Edit

  • It is advisable to use the firestriker in the early parts of the game when you are starting a fire so you can boost your firestarting skills for later in the game with matches and other fire starting implements. This way, you can start fires more efficiently with a higher firestarting skill.

Trivia Edit

  • Modeled after ferrocerium-and-steel type fire starters that provide oxidizing cerium sparks as a temporary ignition source. Popular amongst outdoorsmen and survivalists due to their compact size, durability and resistance to water.
  • The firestriker is based off the Aurora Fire Starter 440C.
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