Feats are a set of accomplishments requiring a certain action to be done a certain amount of times similar to survival skills. Unlike skills, progress towards feats is tracked across all of a player's sandboxes and challenges. When a feat is completed it will unlock a bonus that can be applied to any new sandbox game. You are allowed 5 active feats in Pilgrim mode, 4 in Voyageur, 3 in Stalker and 2 in Interloper.

List of feats Edit

The current list of feats are:

  • Book Smarts - You've completed 250 hours of Research. From now on, you gain 10% more benefit from each completely researched book.
  • Cold Fusion - You've spent a total of 100 days outside. You are now less susceptible to the cold, and get a permanent +2C bonus to your Feels Like temperature.
  • Efficient Machine - You've survived 500 days. Your body has adapted to these tough conditions. You now consume 10% fewer calories.
  • Fire Master - You've successfully started 1000 fires. From now on, all your Survivors start with a Level 3 Fire Starting skill.
  • Free Runner - You've sprinted 50 km. Sprinting now burns 25% fewer Calories.
  • Snow Walker - You've travelled 1000 km in the game. Your Stamina bar recharges 20% faster.

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