A player achieving the Free Running feat

Feats are a set of accomplishments requiring an action to be done a certain amount of times similar to survival skills. Unlike skills, progress towards feats is tracked across all of a player's Survival mode games and challenges, and do not need to be completed in a single playthrough. When a feat is completed, a bonus is unlocked that can be applied to any new Survival mode game.

Players are able to select a number of unlocked feats to activate for each playthrough based on the difficulty selected. The number of usable feats for each difficulty level is listed below.

Difficulty Active Feats
Pilgrim 5
Voyageur 4
Stalker 3
Interloper 2

List of feats Edit

Each of the currently obtainable feats are listed below, along with the requirements for unlocking and the unique effects.

Feats icon Feat Requirement Effect
Badge feat bookSmarts Book Smarts 250 hours of research 10% benefit from each completely researched book
Badge feat coldFusion Cold Fusion Spend a total of 100 days outside Permanent +2C bonus to Feels Like temperature
Badge feat efficientMachine Efficient Machine Survive 500 days Consume 10% fewer calories
Badge feat firemaster Fire Master Start 1000 fires Survivors start with a Level 3 Fire Starting skill
Badge feat freeRunner Free Runner Sprint 50 kilometers Sprinting burns 25% fewer calories
Badge feat snowWalker Snow Walker Travel 1000 kilometers Stamina bar recharges 20% faster