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Do Not Go Gentle is the first episode in the Wintermute story mode. The initial part of the episode appears linear driven as a type of 'tutorial' for new players, introducing them to fire making, using first aid , gathering, and other survival mechanics.


Dr. Astrid Greenwood has unexpected shown up at the workplace of bush pilot Will Mackenzie. She and Will had not seen each other in years and apparently their parting was not under ideal circumstances (exact details were not revealed but apparently Will and Astrid were once married). She asks him to take her to an small village in the mountains. It is late in the evening and the weather is bad. She refuses to tell him why, and what the contents are in the metal locked briefcase she is carrying. When he protests, she becomes frustrated and starts to leave. He stops her and reluctantly agrees to take her.

During the trip an unnatural phenomenon occurs, depriving the plane of power, sending the plane into a rocky ravine. Will finds himself alone, in the dark in freezing temperatures. No sign of Astrid anywhere. 

Chapter OneEdit

The Long Dark initial scene

Day 1Edit


  • If you remain exposed you'll die. Find a cave to shelter from the elements.
  • Start a fire so you don't freeze to death.
  • You have a bleeding wound. Find or make a bandage and use it to stop the blood loss.

At the beginning of the story, Will will regain consciousness from the crash and find a large piece of metal, spiked through his left hand. Remove the metal to continue. Players will need to immediately gather items for a campfire. The player will be suffering from hypothermia within a short amount of time without a source of heat. The fire from the burning aircraft pieces do not produce heat.

Locate the nearby cave and build a campfire inside. The player will also have additional injuries. Look for the med kit on the ground near the cave and search it for bandages and antibiotics. The injuries suffered (other than the hand) appear to be somewhat random, but will need to be tended through bandaging, disinfecting and/or antibiotics. Use the Bandage from the radial menu or from the character's inventory to wrap the wound.

Day 2Edit


  • Produce some water and drink it to stay hydrated
  • Find and eat some food to keep your strength

Food and drink are needed. Look in the surrounding area for a plastic tub and various other containers. Search or break them down to acquire additional items. Water can be obtained by melting snow, then boiling it to make it drinkable. In addition to these tasks, the player will need to apply the located antiseptic to a cut wound on their chest. 

Day 3Edit

The Long Dark episode one day two


  • Build a fire in the cave that will last the night (9 hours). 
  • Break down branches, cardboard boxes, crates and pick up any stick still in the area.  
  • Build a campfire and add fuel till the time reaches 9 hours. 

Day 4Edit


  • Explore the ravine
  • You need food to survive. Scavenge what you can and eat until you are full

Begin exploring the area. During the storm, a tree has blown over a gap, leading to a frozen deer carcass. Remove 3.5 kg of meat to take back to the campfire that is still be burning. Cook the meat and consume it using the cooking menu from the campfire. This will fill Will back up.

Near the deer carcass is Astrid's metal briefcase. Looking at it will begin a cutscene for the prologue. 

After consuming the meat, walk back across the  fallen tree and look at the rock wall. An attempt to climb out will result in an injury that will need to be healed. The nearby Rose Hips that were not accessible before, are now available to gather.  You will need 24 and  0.25L of water to make one cup of tea. Use the crafting window to process the rose hips, then the cooking options of the campfire to cook the tea. Drinking it will conclude day four. 

Chapter TwoEdit

The Long Dark - Story Mode image3

Day 5 Edit

(beyond this the days seem to stop counting) Echoes of Astrid

Climb out of the ravine (collect more rose hips on the way out) and explore. There are several items to find near the plane wreckage. Beyond that is an open area with rabbits running about. Use stones to stun the rabbits and kill them for meat if desired. Another short climb reveals a deer carcass that can be harvested. Look for a nearby fallen tree and use crouch to get past it. You should find a nearby cave beyond. Just Inside the cave is a corpse that contains a torch, matches and mittens . Use the torch to explore the cave, but keep in mind that they don't last long.

Also in the cave is a backpack with a much needed sewing kit and a small amount of lamp oil. This will come in handy for crafting a torch without a campfire if needed. Near the backpack is a note that players can read. It mentions a church that is found later on the trail, and the name "Alice". Most likely the name of the corpse near the entrance.   

The Long Dark - in the cave day five
At this point, it is late in the evening. and players will need to decide whether to try to move on, or stay in the cave overnight. You will not be able to sleep in the cave without a bedroll however, so players will need to pass the time if they choose to stay. Repairing clothing, cooking water, food or tea are a few suggestions.

Exploring the cave will lead to another entrance.  Beyond the second entrance of the cave is a wolf eating a carcass in an open area. Scaring off the wolf (you can throw the torch but you will need to be uncomforably close) will provide a carcass for harvesting, or players can avoid the wolf by hugging the right side rock wall. Either way, the story continues down the path to the right. After finding a road, players will see a bridge with several vehicles. These can be slept in and a few contain items such as cloth, newspapers, soda and a moldy candy bar. There is a wolf on the other end of the bridge so watch for him. 

The Long Dark - episode one - first bridge to Milton
Beyond the bridge (and the wolf), players will find an abandoned shack. There is a bed and a few items inside. You will have to build your campfire outside if you need one for cooking or boiling water. Once you are able, continue through the woods until you reach a church. There are two wolves in the area. Using a torch will scare them off, but they stay nearby. There are multiple books and some wood material inside, as well as a campfire. There is also 1 or 2 bottled water. A bed is next to the campfire. This is a good location for addition rest/healing. 

Not too far from the church is a pickup, beyond that are more vehicles and a bridge. The bridge leads into Milton. Most of the buildings are boarded up. One single house has smoke coming from the chimney. This is the home of an older blind woman who calls herself 'The Grey Mother '. If you are low on food, there is a deer carcass just past it, but watch for wolves. Enter the house and a cutscene will take place. 

Chapter 3Edit

Grey Mother

Grey Mother cutscene

The Grey Mother


  • Grey Mother seems tired. Try talking to her after she's had some time to rest.
  • Investigate the tunnel leading out of Milton. Grey Mother wants to know what happened there.
  • Something Precious was stolen from Grey Mother. Find it and return it to her.

During a conversation with Grey Mother, the player will need to gain her trust. This can be done by offering her specific items, including sticks, mushrooms, and bandages. Her favorite is rabbit pelts. There are several rabbits in and around town, and several stone laying about. There are a few buildings that can be searched for supplies as well as vehicles.

As you build trust with the Grey Mother, initially by supplying her with fuel for the fire (placed in the firebox), she will tell you more of the story. She explains how the power suddenly went out and after a few days, a storm blew in and people began to panic. Many left to see what they could find out, but never came back. She remembers an outsider woman.

Grey mother sends Mackenzie back out for food and suggests ransacking the gas station , or if stealing isn't to his liking, to bring back 'what nature has to offer'. She mentions a prybar located in the shed.

The Long Dark - episode one town of Milton
Continue to search through building in the town for items. Outside of town are farm buildings and equipment, along with rabbits and rose hips. Place the food for Grey Mother into the refrigerator in the kitchen. After she is satisfied, she tells Mackenzie a little more about Astrid. To continue to earn trust, collect the items listed under 'trust' (found by clicking on her) and use the 'give items' option to pass them to her.

After she has more trust, a new cutscene occurs and Mackenzie tells Grey Mother that he can't stay any longer and needs to find Astrid but will help Grey Mother get out. She tells him he needs to put 'her' to rest and tells him to travel to the farmhouse and find the lockbox key, then go to the bank and bring her the box that matches the key.

Mackenzie is confused and had the options to ask her more questions. When asked if she is sick, she continues to refer to a 'her' and Mackenzie finds himself wondering if she is talking about Astrid or someone else. Mackenzie mentions a sign he believes Astrid left for him. A word. Perseverance - written in blood. He thinks that maybe it's her way of telling him she isn't giving up. Grey Mother tells Mackenzie that maybe she is telling him not to give up, or maybe she means the name of another town to the North - Perseverance Mills .

Lilith Barker gravestone
Find the key and the box and bring them back to Grey Mother. In the box are pearls and Grey Mother wants them taken to "Lily" at the graveyard near the church (across the street). She claims that if Mackenzie does this, he will have his answers. Further conversation will prompt Grey Mother to mention a supply kit in the 'Miller's back garden'.

Return to Grey Mother after placing the pearls to find out more about Lily and why Grey Mother wanted the pearls.

Mackenzie is offered Lily's rock climbing gear, located in the trunk upstairs in her bedroom. The map will update and will mark a location in the Picnic Area outside of Milton. Head there when ready and look for the rope attachment area on a large bolder near the ledge. Players who are over-encumbered will not be able to climb down. Once at the bottom, continue exploring and find a rope going back up another rock wall. Again, being encumbered will be an issue here. Carrying too much will use stamina faster and increase the risk of falling.

Further exploration will lead to a cave. Explore the cave, rest and eat if needed. Once the player exits the other end of the cave, a short cutscene will start. Mackenzie immediately sees a man (who we later learn to be Jeremiah) being attacked by a bear (later named as the Old Bear). Nearby on the snow is the man's rifle. Mackenzie picks it up, aims and fires.

(End of Episode)


Emergency Kit Note - This Emergency Kit is distributed, free of charge, by the Great Bear Earthquake Memorial Society (GBEMS). Our non- profit work helps guarantee full preparedness for any future emergencies on Great Bear. Our motto: WE REMEMBER.

Hymnal - Lyrics to the hymn Dies Irae

Pastor's Note -

Neighbor's Note - "Hey Martin, We found Molly! Alice was so relieved. Thanks for helping us 100k. Looks like this time maybe a wolf went after her. They seem to be more and more since the quake, and closer to town fewer people to keep them in check I guess. Molly's hurt but I think she'll make it. Watch out because the wolves might come after your dog too. I know how you feel about wildlife and that you wouldn't shoot a wolf even if you had to, but I hear they don't like loud noises. Roadside flare might do the trick. Stay safe and come Visit us When you can. It's not good to spend too much time on your own. - John "

Milton Post Office Collectible - "Margaret we have to stop accepting mail at Milton. We have no way of getting it back to the mainland but we can't tell people that, or they'll know we've been holding on to it all this time. Find some excuse. Whenever you can, encourage people to use email or drone if they can afford it. I'll keep my eyes open for the mail van but I don't hold out high hopes. I imagine Jack probably drove it into a tree again, somewhere way in the back 40. We're likely to never find it back. Damn I should have stopped him from taking the truck while he was on the drink. I'll see what I can do to fix the situation. Hold tight."

Prison Transport Manifest PRISON TRANSPORT MANIFEST The following felons are slated for immediate transport to Blackrock Federal Penitentiary. Scheduled arrival: Thursday, November XX, 20XX: • WHITE, S. • IRVINE, K. • KANG, D. • KELLEY, P. • HARRIS, S. • MATHIS, D. • GABAS, E. • LECLERC, Y. • KOWALSKI, M. • BAKER, J. • DESCUBES, V. Total roster: 12 inmates Known medical conditions: None.

Additional TipsEdit

  • Rocks do not work against wolves very well as a direct attack. However if the wolf has not yet "locked on" to you (growling and barking) you can throw the stones off to the side as a distraction. The wolf will divert its attention towards the area the rock landed. 
  • Vehicles can be slept in. Search the glovebox, trunk, visor and backseat for useable items. 
  • Look for cattails on frozen ponds and lakes. Harvest these for food and tinder. 
  • Give Grey Mother a rabbit pelt and she will teach you how to make mittens.
  • Lock Box Key #20 is in a blue pickup outside of Milton near two outhouses. The key is on the floorboard.
  • Reduce inventory if encumbered before attempting to climb up or down a rock wall using hands or ropes. Carrying too much increases the risk of falling.
  • The fire from the burning aircraft pieces do not produce heat.
  • You do not necessarily need to keep your food meter filled. You will lose only one point of condition per hour that you are starving. If you eat just enough at the end of the day to match the calories you will burn while sleeping, you will recover all of the condition you had lost through starvation.
  • You can cook food or boil water over Grey Mother's fireplace. It burns forever so there is no need to start your own fire while in town.
  • Carry a few rocks with you at all times. If you spot a rabbit, hit it with a rock, then kill it and take it with you. When you return to town, harvest it for meat and hide in Grey Mother's house. Give her the pelt to increase trust, and cook the meat over her fireplace for food.
  • Loot the Orca Gas Station before starting the quest to gather food for Grey Mother. That way you can use all the supplies found within to help complete this quest, without triggering the stage of the quest that tracks that you actually robbed it. If this quest is already completed, you can still go back and loot the Orca station for yourself with impunity.

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