Dog Food
Dog food
A can of dog food
Item Type Food
Weight 0.30 kg
Calories 500 cal
Hydration 5%
Energy density 1667 cal/kg
Can of wet dog food. Smells bad, but eating it is better than starving. Probably.
In-game description

Dog food is a canned food item.

This can requires a can opener, hunting knife, or hatchet to open it while retaining its full content. It is also possible to smash the can open, but this will result in losing some of its contents to spillage.

It has a moderate chance of causing food poisoning if consumed.

The dog food is packaged as a product named Dog's Best Friend.

Trivia Edit

  • One possible reason this item gives food poisoning is because (in real life) the standards for pet food are lower then human food so pet food is not as clean or well made as our food.
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