For intermediate players. Several key shelters, plenty of hostile wildlife, and harsh weather conditions to be found around these remnants of a once-thriving whaling industry.
- In game description

Desolation Point is one of the regions featured in The Long Dark.

Overview Edit

Desolation Point is described as a stretch of coastal highway pockmarked with the abandoned remnants of a formerly thriving whaling industry.

The region can be found by going to the end of the Coastal Highway, passing through the Commuter's Lament, and continuing onward through Crumbling Highway and No. 3 Coal Mine.

It has 16 locations to discover including the connector mine (named "No. 3 Coal Mine") with Crumbling Highway.

History Edit

Desolation Point was introduced on 18 September, 2015 in update 0.264.

Wildlife Management Edit

As noted in the description, there is a large amount of hostile wildlife. There are typically 1-2 bears and 5-8 wolves in the area. While rifle resources, bow resources, and fauna spawns are limited, there is a banquet of medical supplies. This, in turn, can allow the player to win more wolf struggles, and spare rifle ammunition for bears.

Key Shelters Edit

Key shelters in Desolation Point include:

Lonely Lighthouse Edit

The lighthouse has a bed, a potbelly stove, plenty of storage, and an amazing view of most of Desolation Point, if weather permits. This also helps you gauge how many wolves are in the immediate area, so the player can plan a course of action.

Hibernia Processing Edit

Hibernia Processing features enough scrap timber and metal to outfit an army, and enough beds to sleep them. Plenty of storage is available, and a workbench and fire barrel are located downstairs. Many key tools can be found there, such as the hunting rifle. It is advisable to thin out hostile wildlife after acquiring a weapon to avoid issues while coming and going.

The Riken Edit

The Riken boasts a forge/furnace which can be used for cooking and metalworking, as well as beds and storage. It should not be ignored, since when the player runs out of man made tools, such as the Hunting Knife, you can forge one, provided you have coal and or cedar to spare.

Gallery Edit

Maps Edit

Locations Edit

  • Go to Abandoned Mine No. 3
  • Go to Abandoned Mine No. 5
  • Go to Broken Bridge
  • Go to Blocked Highway
  • Go to Cave (Desolation Point location)
  • Go to Hibernia Processing
  • Go to Katie's Secluded Corner
  • Go to Little Island
  • Go to Lonely Lighthouse
  • Go to Matt's Truck
  • Go to Stone Church
  • Go to The Riken
  • Go to Waterfall
  • A distant view of Lonely Lighthouse.
  • Hibernia Processing to the right. Lonely Lighthouse in the background.
  • A view of the landscape. Lonely Lighthouse can be seen in the distance.
  • An alternative view of Little Island.
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