Supple and tough. Allows great balance of mobility and warmth. Also, stylish.
In-game description

Deerskin boots are a type of craftable clothing in The Long Dark.

General information Edit

Deerskin boots are among the best boots available in-game. The Insulated boots and Ski boots both offer more warmth and windchill protection, but also have a much higher mobility penalty.

Deerskin boots are also very similar to the exceedingly rare Mukluks, which are 0.5 kg lighter but also offer a little less protection than the Deerskin boots.

The primary advantage of the Deerskin boots is that they don't rely on chance to find and that they don't require cured leather to repair.

Recipe Edit

Deerskin boots can be crafted with either a sewing kit or fishing tackle.

Game history Edit

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