Fading Into The Long Dark - Death

You faded into The Long Dark.

You faded into The Long Dark...
In-game description

Death occurs when Condition reaches zero. After the player's death, the saved game is marked and destroyed, and cannot be loaded again. Effectively, the character who died can never be restored. This is commonly refered to as "Permadeath" since dying is the permanent destruction of the save file. However, the player is given the option to "Save the journal" which will add that game's journal's statistics to the global statistics. Notes that you wrote are also able to be checked back on.

In Story mode, permadeath mechanic does not exist as the player can restart from their last save or checkpoint after death.

The player will be explained why they died. If the player fell off the cliff and killed on the impact, they will get a message "You are dead from massive injuries from the fall".

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