• Crows circle above a frozen corpse.
  • Crows in the sky against the sun, circle above a corpse.
Pay attention to your surroundings and you might glean information that's important for your survival. For example, a murder of Crows circling up ahead might suggest an animal carcass -- or even a human corpse -- might be nearby!
"Crows" - Game tutorial tip

Crows are non-interactable, animated wildlife objects in The Long Dark.

Overview Edit

Crows are flying black birds with conspicuously loud cries. They never land and cannot be shot down or interacted with in any way.

Over the Dead Edit

Crows will appear circling over frozen corpses and the old deer carcasses (the prepositioned ones opened up with exposed ribs) during calm weather. Their loud cries are intended to call the player's attention to the area so it will not likely be missed. These crows will disappear when high wind or snow strike and reappear when weather clears.

Dropping crow feathersEdit

Periodically, crow feathers will fall to the ground underneath these crows. Once on the ground, the feathers remain until picked up, making these locations valuable as the only source of crow feathers for crafting.

Fresh KillsEdit

Crows will now appear over any animals that get killed during the game. They still appear over the dead that were placed before the game started.

Weather Crows Edit

Occasionally a group of crows will be seen flying in a straight path across the map. These weather crows are intended to signal that a change in weather is imminent.

Around Bears Edit

A different sounding crow cry can be heard in the vicinity of any bear, but no crows will actually be seen. This sound has been witnessed lingering over dead bears as well, making locating killed bears somewhat easier as they can then be heard in addition to being seen.

  • Sound may disappear initially when the bear is killed, but does return.
  • This sound was added with the v0.364 update altering gameplay to enhance the new The Hunted, Part Two experience. Previously, identifying bears by sound involved listening for footsteps and occasional groans.
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