Condition refers to your overall wellbeing.


Reaching 0% Condition results in death. Condition can be lost immediately through injuries, or indirectly through afflictions or deficiencies in Needs.

Condition Loss from NeedsEdit

  • Note: When a Need reaches 0, the player does not instantly die, rather the character begins to lose condition from the deficiency.
Failing to satisfy Needs will consistently drain condition until said need is at least partially filled. While the drain is constant, it is easiest to compare different condition drains by normalizing them to percent lost per game hour (%/hr). Warmth is by far the most critical.
Survival Overlay

In the cases of Rest, Nutrition, and Hydration; condition loss is very slow, leaving the player time to react whether it be sleeping or locating food/drink.


This slow weakening can also be used to player's advantage by a method called Hibernation; weighing condition loss against sleep/food/water usage for a gameplay advantage.

Restoring ConditionEdit

Condition is restored in three ways: Sleeping, Personal care, and Emergency stim use. Condition normally restores to 100% but can be limited to less by certain afflictions.

Sleeping Edit

Most common means of restoring condition. All four Needs must be met to heal. Rate of return is dependent on number of hours slept, with longer periods granting higher returns.

Personal care Edit

As long as the player keeps all four of his or her needs above the minimum, condition will restore at a rate of 25% condition every day or just over 1% every hour. This can be slower than sleeping but benefits the player's condition no matter what activity they are doing.

  • Note: Having even one Need unmet cancels the healing effect of all.

Emergency stims Edit

Instantaneous, using an Emergency stim adds 15% to the player's condition along with other effects.


As a character approaches death, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain awareness. Falling below 10% condition, the display is intentionally blurred and rotated, with visibility decreased and sound muffled save for a slowing heartbeat. As condition drops lower and lower, these effects are made more and more pronounced. Movement is still possible at the normal rate, so getting to what or wherever you need to be to avoid death can be done, but is challenging.

Basic Health

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