For intermediate players. A weather-battered coastline rich in shelters and resources. Watch out for wildlife.
- In game description

Coastal Highway is one of the regions in The Long Dark.

The region is mostly steep hills around a bay area. The highway runs along the bay with some houses along the way and a small village. The frozen bay area has several fishing huts and two islands with houses, Jackrabbit Island and Misanthrope's Homestead. Several wolves live in the area, and the water is frigid.

In terms of region difficulty, some may find it easier than Mystery Lake. This is due to a greater ease of obtaining vital resources needed for survival, at the cost of a greater likelihood of encountering wolves and bears early on. Also, the region has a warmer climate than Mystery Lake.

Connects to Mystery Lake, Pleasant Valley and Desolation Point.

Locations Edit

There are many accessible locations within Coastal Highway including:

Safehouses Edit

There are several great locations for - possibly some of the best - safehouses in the game. Those include:

Jackrabbit Island Edit

A great location with plenty of storage space, 2 entrances - one entrance with a porch, ideally for storing meat outside, since wildlife cannot reach it - and no direct hostile Wildlife spawns on the island (and only very rarely a wolf walks up the island). Plentiful of rabbits spawn on the island and deer around the island giving near infinite amount of meat and self-sustain. A short walk away there is a fishing hut and another 2 minute walk away there is an (outdoor) crafting bench and also a huge amount of possible firewood in the Fishing Camp. All in all a very safe location for the absolute end game.

Quonset Garage Edit

One of the best safehouses regarding pure indoor equipment, with everything a normal safehouse offers plus a crafting bench, a fireplace, 2 entrances and a huge amount of space. Plenty of other houses with great loot around, though the overabundance of wolves in the area makes this place neither a very efficient nor particularly safe place for end game survival, especially in stalker.

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  • Bear Creek CampgroundGo to Bear Creek Campground
  • Coastal TownsiteGo to Coastal Townsite
  • Commuter's LamentGo to Commuter's Lament
  • Jackrabbit IslandGo to Jackrabbit Island
  • Fishing CampGo to Fishing Camp
  • Log SortGo to Log Sort
  • Misanthrope's HomesteadGo to Misanthrope's Homestead
  • Quonset Gas StationGo to Quonset Gas Station
  • Rabbit GroveGo to Rabbit Grove
  • RockfallGo to Rockfall
  • Silent ClearingGo to Silent Clearing
  • The ToothGo to The Tooth
  • Train UnloadingGo to Train Unloading
  • Waterfront CottagesGo to Waterfront Cottages

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