Climber's journal pages are collectable pages from a journal of a mountaineer in Timberwolf Mountain.

The page is a diary or log dated in early September with a hand-drawn map of the region on the back.[1]

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Climber's journal page
Sept 5th
Arrived at the base of Timberwolf Mountain. Looks like there are some nice cracks, just like Clive said. Going to set up a top rope and do some bouldering until the others show up. Hopefully soon.
Sept 6th
Wondering if my friends got lost as they still haven't arrived. Woke up in the night to a deafening noise, and fire on the mountain. Went to check it out but the weather got nasty and I couldn't find my way.
Sept 7th
Clear day. I went out again. Found some metal cargo crates. They look like they might have come from a plane. There's still smoke coming from the summit. I'm heading out to see if I can make it to the peak and learn more about what's going on.

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