A piece of charcoal typically found in burned out campfires. Useful for sketching.
In-game description

Charcoal was added to The Long Dark during the "Faithful Cartographer" update. It can only be aquired by creating a campfire, either outdoors or in a stove, and allowing it to burn out. Once it has, the charcoal can be looted from the embers. A fire must burn for at least one hour before charcoal can be found. It provides one charcoal per hour (but no more than 24 per fire). Stoves and NPC campfires normally already contain some charcoal. There is no charcoal in the story mode.

Charcoal MappingEdit

The Charcoal is used in the sketching of maps. The player must be outdoors, and only the area within the player's view can be sketched. Equip the Charcoal and an option will appear asking the player if they wish to survey the local area.  Each piece has limited use. 

Game HistoryEdit

Charcoal was introduced in patch v.423 "Faithful Cartographer ".

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