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Cars are small 4-door vehicles found abandoned by the road in the savage Canadian wilderness. Cars are not considered the best place to set up a base but they do provide protection from the wind and predators. It is possible to sleep in a car by choosing bedroll from the radial menu.

Overview Edit

Cars are remnants of former human society before the apocalypse. They have been rendered useless due to the aurora. Cars are suitable as temporary sanctuaries from wolves and the cold, and may even hold some basic supplies like food and water. All cars have searchable glove compartments in the passenger side and visors on both sides. A prybar will allow the player to force open the trunk which is usually locked. It is not possible to drop items inside a car.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Attempting to relocate an item in a car will eject you.
  • Cars appear in grey, blue, green, red and purple.
  • Cars also have different Alloy wheels depending on the body colour.
  • There is a chance that a rifle may spawn in some cars.
  • Trunks, hoods, doors and gas caps are all able to be opened on cars. Hoods and gas caps can be left open.
  • Sun visors are moveable.
  • Car radios can be turned on and off, however they only function during an aurora.

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