Brand description
Item Type Tool
Weight 0.3 kg
The Brand is a burning stick that serves as a simple torch. Provides a bit of light, and might be useful against wildlife.
In-game description

Overview Edit

The brand works like a mini torch, dimly lighting the surrounding area and possibly scaring away wolves.

Was removed in Faithful Cartographer update.

Creation Edit

Brands are taken from any active fire via a special button "Remove Brand". Removing a brand diminishes a fire by 10 minutes and 1°C.

  • Taking a brand while holding a torch or brand will cause the held torch/brand to be dropped.

Burn Time Edit

The lit brand burns for 30 game minutes and cannot be extinguished, except when blown out by overly windy weather or by mishandling. Once they burn out they are mostly useless as they cannot be re-lit or harvested-down.

  • Brands lose condition as they burn. When they burn fully, they reach 0% condition and become ruined. However, if they are extinguished through other means, they fail to become ruined but cannot be re-lit.


Brand light

The brand displays flickering orange flames when it is first created that gradually diminish as condition is lost. Area lighting also diminishes as the flame dies.

  • If a brand is already burning in the game when another one is pulled from a fire, the new brand animation will echo the previous brand, causing it to seemingly burn out early. The animation can be reset to mirror the actual brand by dropping it.

Heat Edit

A fire held in the hand is much warmer to the character than fire burning nearby. Holding a burning brand raises the feels like temperature by 5°C. So, taking a brand from a fire actually grants a bonus of 4°C for its duration.

  • A dropped brand in proximity also raises the “feels like” temperature 5°C. To get proximity, crouch over a brand on the ground or relocate it to on a shelf or table or such.
  • EXPLOIT: Light a 1 hour fire. Take out 6 brands and crouch over them. Feels like temperature will be increased +30°C for 30 minutes vs. original fire’s +7°C for an hour. Warm up faster and in colder weather with less fuel!
  • Note: Lit brand can be used to start fire. With use of this, it is possible to start fire indoors even if you havent any firestrikers and matches (start fire outdoors with magnifying lens and then take a brand and use it to start fire indoors. You can start fire indoors with use of only renewable materials)

Special Handling Edit

Brand inventory

The brand has been specifically targeted by the developers to be very hard to keep in the character's inventory. For this reason, many of the normal object-handling functions are disabled and using the brand in some ways will actually result in buggy behavior.

  • If a brand on the ground is selected, the LMB function to pick it up is purposely disabled. If the brand is still lit, spacebar can be used to place the brand in one’s hand. However if it is not lit, the spacebar option remains highlighted but will not work.
  • When a held brand is not lit, it is automatically dropped whenever another object is selected or inventory is opened.
  • Note that the held brand is still in the inventory despite all efforts to influence it otherwise. Viewing inventory will show it there as a burning stick whether it is actually still burning or not. It can from there be dropped. If its condition is still higher than 0%, it can also be equipped.
  • Opening a container while carrying a brand will allow the brand to be placed in the container. Placing a burning brand in a container will extinguish it. Note: Any ruined item placed inside a container should now disappear.
  • LMB will immediately drop a brand that is carried in-hand.
  • It is impossible to get rid of an extinguished brand once it has been dropped on the ground. It can only be relocated in the world using RMB.

Wildlife Edit

Animals have a chance to be scared away when detecting the character. This chance seems to increase when items like the brand are carried and lit.

Brandishing Edit

Brandish with RMB. Additional chance to scare off wildlife that is actively stalking you. Use when animal is near but not yet charging.

  • Brandishing does not seem to work against already charging animals.

Game History Edit

  • The brand was added on version 0.321 as an item to replace the ability to remove full torches from active fires.

Gallery Edit

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