Black bear meat. Dark and dense. Tends to taste like whatever the bear was eating.
In-game description
Cooked bear meat. Heavy duty food.
In-game description


Black bear meat is any meat harvested from a black bear. A fresh bear carcass may have up to 40kg of the meat on it.

Consuming raw meat from carnivores carries a significant risk of contracting the Food poisoning affliction and increases risk of contracting Parasites by 75%.

Cooked bear meat can be obtained by cooking raw bear meat beside a fire or on a stove. Cooked bear meat does not lose calories, unlike other meats. Consuming cooked meat from carnivores increases the Parasite risk by up to 5%. This does not occur in Pilgrim or Voyager mode.

50% condition boost will be added to raw meat after it is cooked, but, after cooking, it will continue to decay over time. Cooked meats weigh the same as before cooked but decay four times slower. Poor condition meat still has all its calories. Low condition meat will show status percentages in yellow and eventually red--warning of the increased food poisoning risks of low quality food. Zero condition raw meat remains in the inventory but cannot be consumed; however, when cooked, it will be restored to 50% condition and become edible again . Keeping your meat raw until cooking/consumption is an effective way of very-long-term storage, if needed (in order to eat 40kg of bear meat, for example).

Recipe Edit

Cook next to a fire or on a stove. Each piece of bear meat takes 2 hours to cook with the basic cooking skill. No tools required.

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