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Birch saplings can be found growing near birch trees throughout the game's regions.

A green birch sapling can be cured by leaving it to dry indoors for four days. Once dried, the green birch sapling will become a cured birch sapling which can then be used for crafting and repairing various items. Both green and cured birch saplings will always be at 100% condition.

Green Edit

Freshly harvested birch sapling. Needs to be cured before it can be used for crafting and repair.

Can be used for crafting and repair after air-drying indoors for 4 days.
In-game description

Green birch saplings can be harvested with a hatchet or a hacksaw. Once harvested, 1 x green birch sapling is added to the inventory and where it was, a small root stalk remains. To cure, place on the ground inside a building and wait. Progress is measured as a percentage, and can be checked by examining it.

Cured Edit

Small birch sapling that has been cured. Can be used for crafting and repair.
In-game description

Cured birch saplings are used to craft 3 arrow shafts at the work bench.

They will stack in the inventory.

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