Beneath a Starry Sky is an achievement in The Long Dark.

Guide Edit

This achievement is obtained after surviving for three consecutive nights outside in a single Survival mode game. It is most easily done on Pilgrim. It is highly recommended to pack sufficient warm clothing, materials for starting a fire, and food and drink.

Outside refers to being anywhere but inside a building or other structure that has an interior loading screen. Therefore this achievement is obtainable whilst being inside of a train carriage among other structures. However, it is not obtainable in caves.

The best structure to use is a fishing hut, as these have protection from the wind, a pot belly stove, and a fishing hole that is an excellent source of food if the player has brought fishing tackle. In addition, animals will not enter the huts, regardless of whether they have a door or not. Using a fishing hut with a door still counts as being outside.

Entering an interior during the daytime does not nullify the achievement. Therefore it is possible to return to nearby shelters during the day and resupply.

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