Bear skin bedroll
Bear skin bedroll
Item Type Bedroll
Weight 3.00 kg
Craft 17.5 h Hunting knife
22.73 h Improvised knife
2 × Cured black bear hides
5 × Cloth
6 × Cured gut
Harvest 1 hour and 30 minutes:
1 × Cloth
1 × Cured black bear hide
Warmth Bonus +12.0°C
Bedroll crafted from Bear Skin. Heavy, but very warm. The smell might scare animals away.
In-game description

The bear skin bedroll is a type of bedroll crafted from the fur and skin of a black bear.

Overview Edit

The bear skin bedroll can be crafted at a work bench using a hunting knife, two cured black bear hides, five cloth, and six cured gut. It takes a cumulative amount of 17.5 hours to craft.

Sleeping in the bear skin bedroll provides a warm bonus of 12 degrees Celsius, making it by far the warmest place to sleep.

It can be harvested for one cloth and one cured black bear hide. Harvesting takes one and a half hours.

It is implied by its description that the bedroll can prevent animal attacks when sleeping, but it is currently unknown if it does provide a benefit, and if so, how much that benefit is.

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