Bandage suitable for stopping blood loss or binding to constrict movement on an injury.
In-game description
Item Type Item
Weight 0.10 kg / 0.22 lbs

Overview Edit

A bandage is a length of (ideally) sterile cloth used for stopping bleeding or limb immobilization in The Long Dark.

Bandages can be found in first aid kits and medical cabinets, or can be created by harvesting Cloth. Each Cloth yields 2x bandages. On their own, they are used to treat injuries involving blood loss.

Artificial AntibioticsAntisepticBandageEmergency stimPainkillersWater purification tablets
Natural Old man's beard wound dressingRose hip teaReishi tea
Other First aidAfflictionsInjuries
Up-to-date as of version 0.321.

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