Astrid Greenwood - concept art

Concept art for Astrid Greenwood.

Doctor Astrid Greenwood is one of two playable protagonist in The Long Dark.[1][2]

Overview Edit

Dr. Astrid Greenwood was a doctor prior to the "First Flare" event, a geomagnetic disaster that brought modern civilization to its knees. She is one of the main characters in the long dark story mode. But now she has to take her knowledge elsewhere since she is trying to make the world a safer place. Remember if you ever need patching up go to her. She is now on a journey to find out about the "first flare" till she meets Will Mackenzie which is a important part of the "first flare".

Players will experience the story mode through both Will Mackenzie's and Astrid's point-of-view.[2]

Description Edit

She is White with brown hair and green eyes. She carries a bow with her too. Her face is covered in frost and snow. She has a distinct voice and personality.

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Concept art Edit

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References Edit

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