Sharp metal tip for an Arrow, improvised from scrap.
In-game description

An arrowhead is a second-stage material item.

Overview Edit

Arrowheads are used to create arrows.

They can be crafted, found in containers, or harvested from arrows.

You can also salvage broken arrows that sometimes spawn on animal carcasses, frozen corpses, or the target at the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings.

Arrowheads are known to sometimes spawn in the tool chests at industrial locations like the Quonset Gas Station.

Crafting Edit

Arrowheads are crafted at a forge via the forging process, which requires a heavy hammer and coal. Two arrowheads can be crafted using one piece of scrap metal. The process takes 1 hour.

Tips: Edit

  • Craft multiple batches of arrowheads at once to require fewer trips to a forge.

Game history Edit

  • Arrows and required materials were introduced on 22 May 2015 in version 0.233.
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