A bottle of Antibiotics. Take it to stop infections from spreading.
In-game description
Item Type Item
Weight 0.0166 kg/pill

Antibiotics are perscription-grade pills derived from penicillin. There are mainly used to treat food poisoning, intestinal parasites, infection and dysentery in The Long Dark.

Overview Edit

One dose consists of two pills. A single pill cannot be used. Therefore, if you choose to carry these, carry multiples of two. They cannot be obtained from crafting; however, reishi tea serves the same purpose and is made from renewable materials.

Artificial AntibioticsAntisepticBandageEmergency stimPainkillersWater purification tablets
Natural Old man's beard wound dressingRose hip teaReishi tea
Other First aidAfflictionsInjuries
Up-to-date as of version 0.321.

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