Afflictions are attributes that actively affect the player and can be negative or positive. Negative afflictions are indicated in red, while positive afflictions are indicated in green. Causes of afflictions can range from poisoning to bleeding in the case of negative afflictions while consuming hot food or drink typically provides positive afflictions.

Afflictions are not to be confused with injuries.

Negative afflictions Edit

Negative afflictions cause condition loss and/or otherwise impede the player. There are 15 negative afflictions so far.

Blood loss Edit

You are bleeding from a wound. If left untreated, you will continue to weaken until you die.
In-game description
Blood loss

Blood loss is caused by an attack from a wolf or a bear, or by falling off of a mountaineering rope. Suffering from blood loss is a life threatening affliction and will eventually kill the player if left untreated. Condition will be lost at a rate of 30% per hour and blood drops will fall wherever the character walks. Blood loss is always paired with an infection risk, except when getting it by falling off a mountaineering rope. Infection is treated as a separate but equally dangerous affliction.

  • Blood loss can be treated by applying a bandage. As of the "Faithful Cartographer" update, Old man's beard wound dressing will only treat infection, it can no longer be used as a bandage.
  • Blood loss will remain in effect until treated or you die.
  • It is possible to suffer from multiple instances of blood loss as a result of multiple attacks. The effects are cumulative and each instance has to be treated separately.
  • Blood loss will make a player more attractive to predators. The strength of the attraction is indicated by the HUD.

Broken rib Edit

One or more of your ribs are broken. You cannot climb, and your mobility will be reduced until this injury heals.

Broken rib can be inflicted by a moose struggle. This affliction will lower your stamina by 50% and your carrying capacity by 25%. It requires 120 hours of rest, and two treatments of 1 bandage and 2 painkillers. The first treatment can be taken right away. The second one opens up after a few days of resting. The treatments don't relieve any symptoms, and aren't required for resting. Both treatments can be left until after the resting is completed .

Bruising Edit

Clean bruise 3

Bruising can be inflicted during a wolf struggle or from falls. Bruising damages condition but does not require any direct treatment, and because of this it never appears directly on the afflictions menu. See injuries for more details.

Burns Edit

You have sustained serious burns. Your general Condition will be reduced until you treat the burns, or you heal naturally.
In-game description

Burns can be caused by standing or walking over a lit campfire, or by touching live electrical wires during the Aurora. Suffering from burns will negatively affect the player's ability to heal condition. While in effect, if condition is greater than 75%, it will drop to 75% during rest, effectively capping maximum condition.

  • Treatment for burns includes applying a bandage, and then consuming two painkillers or a cup of rose hip tea in the first aid menu.
  • Burns will heal without first aid 30 hours after first inflicted. This clock is not visible.

Cabin fever Edit

Symptoms of cabin fever will begin to manifest if the player spends the majority of 6 days indoors.[1] Note that "indoors" also includes areas without a loading transition such as the Mountaineer's Hut and the back porch of the Pleasant Valley Farmstead.

Developing cabin fever will prevent the player from resting indoors for 24 hours. A grace period was introduced in version 0.326, adjusting cabin fever so that in the first 50 days in Voyageur and the first 25 days in Stalker, the player cannot develop the affliction. There is no risk of cabin fever in Pilgrim.[1]

Cabin fever was introduced on 21 April 2016 in version 0.321, also known as the Tireless Menace update.

Dysentery Edit

You drank non-potable water and are now suffering an intestinal disease. You will weaken and die of dehydration unless you can treat it.
In-game description

Dysentery is a lethal disease that can be contracted by drinking unsafe water; the more unsafe water you drink, the greater your chance of contracting the disease. While in effect, the thirst bar empties rapidly and condition will not be restored during sleep, coupled with approximately 4% condition loss per hour.

  • Treatment includes consuming 2 antibiotics or a cup of reishi tea, followed by cumulatively drinking 2.0 L purified water, followed by resting 10 cumulative hours. This cannot be done out of order, meaning that any sleep before consuming antibiotics will not count towards the total.

Food poisoning Edit

Something you ate has made you very sick. You will weaken until you treat it, it passes, or you die.
In-game description
Food poisoning

Food poisoning can be randomly assigned at any time when a food or drink item is consumed. Uncooked meat and lower condition foods are at the highest risk, while good quality canned or processed foods, except for Can of dog food, are some of the safest consumables. Soda cans and all other beverages will never cause food poisoning, although unsafe water can cause dysentery. Furthermore, items with a displayed condition of at least 75% will also never cause food poisoning. There are also several food items that are completely safe until their condition goes below 20%, these items being: beef jerky, pork and beans, condensed milk, salty crackers, energy bars, MREs, pinnacle peaches, and tomato soup. Suffering from food poisoning can kill the player by severely weakening them if left untreated. While in effect, condition will not be restored (except by stims) and will drop by 85% over the course of the day, regardless of the starting condition and other condition loss incurred.

  • Treatment for food poisoning requires using either two antibiotics or one cup of reishi tea in the first aid menu, followed by resting for 10 cumulative hours.
  • If left untreated, food poisoning will automatically pass 18 hours after infliction. This clock is not visible.

Hypothermia Edit

Your body temperature was too low for too long. You will weaken until you stay above freezing for 24 hours.
In-game description

Hypothermia is caused by falling through ice or by having warmth lowered to freezing level for two consecutive hours. Suffering from hypothermia doubles all condition loss from freezing, effectively taking 40% condition per hour. Additionally, fatigue will be lost at twice the normal rate.

  • The time for Hypothermia to pass is based on the experience mode. Each experience mode has a 6 hour longer duration, up to 24 hours in Interloper.
  • Hypothermia will pass on its own but only if warmth is maintained above freezing. If warmth is lowered to freezing even for an instant, this clock will reset.
  • No medicine exists that can treat or speed up the passing time for hypothermia, although hot food or drinks can help ensure the player stays above freezing.
  • However, time to pass will be tracked under first aid menu.
  • A "hypothermia risk" will be visible in the afflictions menu. If this risk reaches 100%, it will disappear and be replaced by hypothermia itself.

Frostbite Edit

You have sustained frostbite. Your general condition is permanently reduced.
- Ingame description
Frostbite is caused by wearing frozen clothing for an extended period of time, or by having warmth lowered to freezing level with part of your body exposed (not wearing clothing).
  • Frostbite is currently the only affliction to have no cure. Make sure you pay attention to your 'frostbite risk,' so that you prevent any frostbite from occurring.
  • There is no limit to how many instances of frostbite you can get.
  • It is possible to have frostbite multiple times on a single appendage.

Infection risk Edit

You sustained a wound that could result in infection if left untreated.
In-game description
Infection risk

Infection risk accompanies the blood loss affliction. Infection risk is not an infection itself, but rather a chance to receive an infection. It is tracked as a percentage that will go no higher than 90%. The infection risk starts at 50% and will increase every hour by 5% until one of two things happen:

  • If the infection risk hits 0%, the affliction will entirely disappear and the player will have no chance to get an infection. Items that reduce infection chance can be found below.
  • Within a day of getting the infection risk, the game will take the current percent risk of the player and clear the infection risk. Whatever percent chance when the risk clears up is how likely the player is to get an infection. The higher your infection risk, the more likely the player has to get an infection when the affliction clears. If the infection risk does not hit 0%, the game will eventually clear the infection risk and may or may not give the player an infection depending on the percent chance.

Items that will reduce infection risk are as follows:

  1. Bandages will reduce the infection risk by 25% and will stack with antiseptic.
  2. Antiseptic will reduce the infection risk by 40% and will stack with a bandage. Cannot be applied at the same time as an old man's beard wound dressing.
  3. Old man's beard wound dressings no longer acts as a bandage as of the "Faithful Cartographer" update and is only a replacement for Antiseptic. It is assumed to have the same effects as Antiseptic. Further testing is required.

If the player applies a bandage and either antiseptic or old man's beard wound dressing within three hours of an attack, the infection risk will be 0% and the player will not get an infection. If the player takes more than three hours to address their wounds, their chance of an infection is at least 20%. If the player does not use antiseptic or an old man's beard wound dressing, the likelihood of an infection won't be much less than 70% at a minimum. If the player does not even have a bandage, they will bleed to death too quickly to be worried about an infection.

It is very important to note that one can have multiple infection risks at once, even from the same wolf attack. Always carry at least two sets of blood loss and infection risk treatment.


Infection risk

Infection has a chance to occur when blood loss afflictions are not fully disinfected, which requires treatment within the first three hours of an attack. If the infection risk has not been eliminated, the chance of receiving the 'infection' affliction is the percentage of the 'infection risk' affliction remaining, decided within a day of the attack. Once received, the player will lose around 5% condition every hour and will notice an increase in fatigue.

  • Infection is treated by consuming either 2 x antibiotics or 1 x cup reishi tea, followed by 10 hours of cumulative sleep. If left untreated, you will die.

It is very important to note that one can have multiple infections at once, even from the same wolf attack. Always carry at least two sets of infection treatment if you do not have the means to prevent it.

Laceration Edit

Transparent lac

Lacerations may be inflicted during a wolf struggle. Lacerations damage condition but do not require any direct treatment, and because of this it never appears directly on the afflictions menu. See injuries for more details.

Parasite risk Edit

Parasite icon-1

On Stalker and Interloper difficulties, there is a risk of contracting intestinal parasites by consuming any quantity of meat from carnivorous animals such as wolves and bears. Cooked meat is not safe from this affliction. Raw meat increases the risk by 75%. The first piece of cooked meat consumed will set the chance to 1%, the second will increase it by 4% and the next pieces of meat will increase it by 5%. Every time meat is consumed the risk is increased, regardless of the weight of meat eaten; therefore, it is more reasonable to consume only full stacks of meat (1 kg/2.20 lbs) to minimize the parasite risk gain. First consumption of the meat, regardless of weight, will increase the risk by 1%.

Unlike hypothermia risk, intestinal parasites don't just happen by reaching 100%. After approximately a day from consuming your first meat, the player experiences a risk check, where the percentage is the chance of getting intestinal parasites, meaning that similarly to infections, it is possible but unlikely to get intestinal parasites with a 1% chance. If you consume so much meat that the risk reaches 100%, you will get parasites immediately.

Eating food items or meat other than bear or wolf meat while under risk of 1-10% is a good way to mitigate the risk of intestinal parasites, as while they have no positive effect on parasite risk, they have no negative effect either.

Intestinal Parasites Edit

You ate infected meat and now have Intestinal Parasites. Recovery requires multiple daily treatments! You will continue to weaken until treatment has run its full course. [maximum 1 dose/day.]
In-game description
Parasite icon-1

Characters infected with intestinal parasites will lose 2% of their maximum condition a day until they are treated (indicated by a red [ -#% ] next to the player's condition). On top of this, their max Fatigue will reduce by approximately 4% a day (indicated by red on the far right of the Fatigue bar). While this does not seem severe, the hefty length of treatment required to slow the impending death can make this condition a serious force to be reckoned with, and even if the player is as quick as possible with treatments they will suffer a 20% reduction in max condition or even 40% on Interloper, this alone being a serious detriment, increasing the risk of wolf attacks and other injuries. Technically, the intestinal parasites will kill the player in approximately 50 days, but the many complications resulting from this affliction will most certainly finish them before these 50 days are up. It is not recommended to start treatment more than 4-6 days after the infection begins, lest the player risk not being able to keep up with the onslaught of negative effects that rapidly stack up.

Parasites can be treated by consuming 2 doses of antibiotics or a single dose of reishi tea once per day for 10 cumulative days in Stalker mode or 20 cumulative days in Interloper mode, making it the most demanding affliction treatment in the game. Parasites is an affliction in Stalker and Interloper and cannot be contracted in Pilgrim and Voyageur. [1][2]

It is important to note that eating meat from carnivorous animals while being already infected with parasites has no further negative effect; in long term survival situations, assuming the player has stockpiled enough meat from carnivores, it may even be beneficial to keep the parasites for upwards of a month to reduce the number of total antibiotics and teas consumed in the long run. However, this does not come without risks, and is certainly not the safest strategy for long term survival despite its potential benefits.

Intestinal parasites were introduced on 21 April 2016 in version 0.321, also known as the Tireless Menace update.

Sprained ankle Edit

You have twisted your ankle and are now suffering a sprain. Your mobility will be reduced until you treat it, or it heals over time.
In-game description
Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle can be caused by a fall, uneven terrain or an animal attack. It is possible to sprain both ankles at once, even in the same event. While at least one affliction is possessed by the player, sprinting is not possible and the player will walk with a limp. Carrying too much load or walking off road may increase the chance of this affliction occurring.

  • A sprained ankle is treated by consuming either 2 x painkillers, 1 x cup of rose hip tea, or resting for 4 cumulative hours.
  • It will not pass on its own but will be cured by simply 4 total hours of rest.

Sprained wrist Edit

You have sprained your wrist. You will not be able to hold weapons until you treat it, or it heals over time.
In-game description
Sprained Wrist

A sprained wrist may be caused by a fall, uneven terrain or an animal attack. It is possible to sprain both wrists at once, even in the same event. While at least one affliction is possessed by the player, the player cannot use the hunting rifle, distress pistol, Stone or the survival bow.

  • A sprained wrist is treated by consuming either 2 x Painkillers, 1 x Rose hip tea or resting for 2 cumulative hours.
  • It will not pass on its own but will be cured by simply 2 total hours of rest.

Positive afflictions Edit

Positive afflictions improve the needs bar or otherwise benefit the player. There are 3 positive afflictions so far.

Fatigue reduced Edit

Fatigue reduced

Drinking a cup of coffee will help to reduce fatigue. "Fatigue reduced" lasts 1 hour, and while in effect, the player's fatigue is immediately reduced by approximately 10%, as well as fatigue decay being slowed. Sprinting will also use approximately half the energy it typically does.

  • This is a positive affliction and wears off in one hour.

Improved rest Edit

Improved rest

Improved rest is an affliction gained by drinking Herbal Tea while it is hot and will increase condition gained while sleeping by 2% (1% for Interloper) an hour for one's next 6 hours of sleep (whether this be all at once or across multiple sleep sessions), meaning one glass of Herbal Tea can restore up to an additional 12% condition.

  • This is a positive affliction and will remain active until one reaches a total of 6 hours slept, whether this be all at once or in multiple sleep sessions.

Warming up Edit

Warming up

Drinking or eating items while they are hot will help to keep the character warm. 'Warming up' lasts for 2 hours, and while in effect, the feels like temperature of the player will be raised by 4°C.

  • This is a positive affliction and wears off in two hours.

References Edit

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