Low-volume fuel source designed to help start fires; ex. lighter fluid.
In-game description
Weight 0.10 kg

Accelerant is a tool that aids in lighting fires.

Overview Edit

Using accelerant when starting a fire increases the probability of the fire igniting by 30% and speeds up the fire process by 10x.

It is always found in 100% condition and stacks in the inventory.

Craftable Fishing tackleImprovised hatchetImprovised knifeHookLineSnareSurvival bowTorch
Non-craftable AccelerantCan openerCardboard matchesDistress pistolFirestrikerFlareFlintHacksawHatchetHeavy hammerHunting knifeHunting rifleMagnifying lensMountaineering ropePrybarQuality toolsRifle cleaning kitSewing kitSimple toolsStorm lanternWhetstoneWood matches
Italics denote tools not yet implemented.
Up-to-date as of version 0.301.

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