Weight 0.10 kg
Low-volume fuel source designed to help start fires; ex. lighter fluid.
In-game description

Accelerant is a tool that aids in lighting fires. It comes in a container labeled Quickflame and stacks in the inventory.

Usage Edit

You can use one entire bottle of accelerant or 0.30L of Kerosene when starting a fire to increase the probability of the fire igniting by 40% and start a fire in only 1 minute instead of the usual 10 minutes.

While accelerant is non-renewable, kerosene can be acquired from fish, so no need to be too stingy. Accelerant is more valuable, however, as it is lighter than 0.30L of kerosene (0.24kg plus the 0.10kg container). In other words, use kerosene to accelerate a fire as you wish, but keep a bottle of accelerant on you for emergencies, such as when starting a fire to hold wolves at bay, or when in imminent danger of freezing to death.

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